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26 May 2012 @ 11:48 pm
And so the Madness Begins!  

I’m always dreadful when it comes to this sort of thing, but I’ll give it a good and proper go.

I am fairly new to fan fiction, as I only started reading the stuff last summer. I can safely say reading Harry Potter Fan fiction has quickly turned into a compulsive habit, and one that has spawned other habits as well. I have always piddled with the idea of writing for pleasure but have never had the drive to do so, that is until I stumbled into the wonderful world of fandom. This past summer, I decided to give it a shot. My first story, The Beginning of Truth, came kicking and screaming into the world and has been a part of me since the first word was recorded. I finished it within a matter of months and then it struck me, now what do I do?

The thought of complete strangers reading my words, my blood, my sweat, my tears, absolutely terrified me. I have said it thousands of times and I’ll say it again, I am my own worst critic. As a result, The Beginning of Truth was stashed away on my hard drive, left there to gather dust, left there to become forgotten. Then one fateful day in January, as I was searching for a document for work, my story came back into my life. I spent the entire afternoon reading it over and I thought you know what, let’s see what happens when I post this. I realized I had put too much work into this thing to just leave it sitting. I’m glad I decided to share my obsession with the fandom world because I have been able to meet some incredible people.

The Beginning of Truth has paved the way for other stories such as A Series of Genuine Conversations, which I wrote just the other day, and my newest WIP Damn Your Eyes. I’m pleased to tell you that I am not stopping there. To be quite honest, this LiveJournal was created specifically for the Severus/Hermione Gift Exchange. I missed the boat this time around by a meager five days, but that won’t be happening again. So be on the lookout, you never know what you’ll see from me in the future.

Best wishes and happy reading to you all!
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