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Appointment with Dr. today.

This last week has not been pleasant in terms of my anxiety—it was almost like all of the cognitive behavioral therapy went right out of the window, and nothing I tried would work. I’ve tried to keep myself busy, but nothing has helped. We went to see Dr. Strange yesterday afternoon, and I had a massive panic attack midway through. Talk about going from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. It came on quickly and was over just as fast, and for no bloody apparent reason whatsoever. I was thankfully near the exit and was able to leave the auditorium so I wouldn't disturb the other people there. I missed a good chunk of the movie, but was able to see the end.

Then the guilt, God the guilt I felt when we were going back home, when it hit me that I had managed to ruin yet another night out that we rarely get to have because of work and other family obligations. Ryan never complained, love his heart, but I know it has to be hard to deal with.

I called in to work today and made an appointment to see my doctor. Went in with chattering teeth, sweaty hands, and a BP reading of 142/96, very nearly on the verge of another panic attack. Thank goodness for my saint of a husband, because without him there I doubt I could have gotten a word out coherently. I also think he was able to more accurately tell my doctor what I’ve been going through because he sees it firsthand, whereas I just feel like I am going clinically insane.

I left with a prescription for Celexa and Hydroxyzine.

I hope this helps, because I am at wit's end with all of this crap.


The first day of my fall break has seen this weird, grey lingering mist; the sun hasn’t shone once today, about 7 loads of laundry (yes, it was dire), and a completed submission for the hp_halloween Fest.
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As a teacher, I've received my fair share of gifts from students. Teacher appreciation week, Christmas, it's always the usual stuff. The mugs, the quirky pencils and pens, the stationary, all of which I have kept since I started my career, but today I think I was given something that meant more to me than anything I've ever been gifted.
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To fest, or not to fest...

I've seen multiple posts for thehp_halloween fest this evening, and I'm tempted but....I've not signed up for a fest since 2014. O_o
200 words is totally doable, a solid hour of work if I make myself sit down and concentrate, right?

The Husband says I should go for it, considering I talk about writing more now that I feel more like my old self. And with LJ so quiet these days,  I desperately miss the sense of comradery that drew me into this little slice of the fandom in the first place.

I’ve been in a writing slump the last few months after I went slightly crazy my anxiety took a sharp upward swing, so maybe biting the bullet and giving it a go will help get the gears going. 200 words. Maybe I can do that.

Edit: Well, I did it. Here's hoping it's fun for all.

From the creators of The Greater Good...

This has the potential, they just need the funds to make it so.

Here is the link to donate if you are so inclined. 



Oh my goodness! teddyradiator, you are simply fantastic! I couldn't be happier with the gifts from our mutual “friend.” It is something I’ll cherish for a very long time indeed! They are so stinking cute, and they're already on the tree!


The Greater Good

I only just found this today. For a fan-made video it is surprisingly good, and adds some perspective on the Dumbledore/Grindelwald feud. I just thought I'd share for those interested.

I have pretty much been absent from the LiveJournal scene for the last month. I cannot believe it is already December!  It has been busy between Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas, but I've finally managed to pull the tree from storage. We decided to forgo the traditional ornaments we always use and do something a little bit differently.

I thought you lot would appreciate this especially....

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NaNoWriMo Question

For those of you who have participated in the previous rounds of NaNoWriMo, where did you get the nifty little word counters for your LiveJournal pages? I remember some of you saying your counters reset for the 2013 round in previous posts, but I can't seem to find where to get my own little word counter.

This being my first round and all, I'm a wee bit overwhelmed with my daily target goal. I'm a wee bit overwhelmed by the prospect of it all, really.